Lillian Crawford

Writer of all things cultural, cinematic, and queer.

About me

Lillian Crawford (she/her) is a freelance film and culture writer for publications including Little White Lies, Sight & Sound, Empire, GQ, Curzon, MUBI, Plinth, MASSIVE, and BBC Culture. She is a contributing writer to Girls on Tops, a regular host of the Autism Through Cinema podcast, and runs the blog and podcast Listen to Lillian about queer and female representation in British cinema.

Lillian’s recent published works include booklet essays for BFI releases on Ruby Grierson in The Camera Is Ours DVD boxset, on ménage à trois and medieval sources for blu-rays of Jules et Jim and The Trial of Joan of Arc, and on the music of Mark Korven for Second Sight’s restoration of The VVitch.

When she’s not writing or watching films, Lillian develops picture and music questions for the BBC quiz University Challenge. She can also be found on Twitter and Instagram @lillcrawf.

Get in touch

I’m available for writing, research, talks, interviews, video essays, and podcasts, and would love to hear from you.