Lillian Crawford

Writer of all things cultural, cinematic, and queer.

About me

My name is Lillian Crawford, and I am a freelance film and culture writer. My work includes reviews, feature articles, news pieces, interviews, podcasts, and video essays. These have appeared in Little White Lies, BBC Culture, Sight & Sound, Empire, Girls on Tops, and MUBI Notebook. I also have over three years of editorial experience, working on the Film and TV section of Varsity and at Little White Lies.

My writing

Little White Lies

I’ve reviewed all films from the latest documentaries and arthouse releases to major blockbusters. My feature articles often focus on representations of gender, queerness, and mental health. In 2019 I covered the San Sebasti├ín Film Festival and worked as an editorial assistant in 2020. I have also appeared on the Truth & Movies podcast several times and regularly write and edit video essays on dance in cinema for the YouTube channel.

Other by-lines

I was Film and TV Editor at Varsity for two years before going freelance. I have written on female filmmakers for Sight & Sound, Sylvia Plath for BBC Culture, French cinema for MUBI Notebook, and topics including female trauma and Disney princesses for Girls on Tops. As an autistic woman with cPTSD, I have appeared on podcasts including Autism Through Cinema, and introduced Relaxed Screenings at the BFI. I never stop writing.

Academic research

I wrote my undergraduate dissertation on post-war female experience and Ealing Studios, and my MPhil thesis on ballet in Powell and Pressburger’s films. I have taught undergraduate classes on post-war cinema in France and Britain at Cambridge, and I now run the Listen to Lillian blog and podcast on Substack. I currently work full time as a researcher on University Challenge, principally developing the music and picture questions.

Get in touch

I’m available for writing, research, talks, interviews, video essays, and podcasts, and would love to hear from you.