Alison De Vere's Animations with Ian Wang Listen To Lillian

For this final episode of season two I talk to Ian Wang about Alison De Vere and her animated films, with a broader discussion of representation in the animation film industry.
  1. Alison De Vere's Animations with Ian Wang
  2. Under the Skin (1997) with Zoe Black
  3. Blue (1993) with Sophy Romvari
  4. Caravaggio (1986) and Orlando (1992) with Madeleine Pulman-Jones
  5. Morvern Callar (2002) with Hannah Strong
  6. Dracula (1958) with Ethan Lyon
  7. Riddles of the Sphinx (1977) and The Body Beautiful (1991) with Sarah Williams
  8. The Hunger (1983) with Isabel Sandoval
  9. Spice World (1997) with Linfa Kear
  10. Penda's Fen (1974) with James Carrigy
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